Practice your mouse skills

Holding the mouse

This is the way I hold the mouse when I'm at the computer.
I'm actually right handed, but I use my left hand for the mouse.

If you hold the mouse with a right hand.

I keep my finger on the left button. To single click I gently press down and then release the mouse button.

To double click, I quickly press the button twice in a row. I keep my finger resting on the button, I do not take my finger off while double clicking. I've seen people raise their finger up to click or double click. For clicking that works, but for double clicking it is easier to leave your finger on the button and press down twice.

To drag, I press the mouse button down, and keep it down. Then I move the mouse. In some programs you drag and drop items. You first click on the object you want to drag, hold the mouse button down, and then drag the object to some location. Now you release the mouse button and the object is in a new location.

Practice movement, Single clicking, and double clicking

Sorry, you don't have a browser that can read Java, or Java is not enabled.

Make sure your mouse pointer is inside the applet for things to work.

Please wait for the applet to load some images. The box above will turn yellow when it's finished.

NOTE: Java has no way of detecting both buttons being down.

Practice Dragging And Dropping Something With The Mouse

You do not have Java or it is not enabled.

Click on the red box and hold down the mouse button. Now drag the mouse in any direction. You will see that the box will move with you. When you release the mouse button, the box is where you left it. If you need to reset the box, click the applet and then press the R key on your keyboard.

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